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When last did you inspect your Roof Gutters?

Updated: Feb 26

Home inspectors are required to inspect the gutters and downspouts as part of the roof portion of the home inspection.

Roof Gutters - Home Inspection Edmonton
Roof Gutters

As part of Brookstone Home Inspection Edmonton package, we check your roof gutters to ensure that they are free of granule deposits as shown in the photo, rust, cracks and holes in order to prevent leaking. We also check that the downspouts divert water 4 to 6 feet away from the home's foundation.

Cleaning gutters can take a substantial amount of water. Home owners can place a garden hose in the gutters and downspouts to flush them out, making sure that the water is directed away from the home via the downspouts. This will help reduce the chances of saturating the soil around the foundation. #roofgutter #HomeInspector #homeinspectornearme #homeinspectoredmonton

Schedule a Roof Inspection today to protect your most valuable investment (your home).

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