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Deck Inspections: The Importance of Proper Joist Hangers in Deck Connections

As a homeowner, you take pride in your outdoor living spaces; your deck is no exception.

However, have you ever stopped to think about the structural integrity of your deck, specifically the connections between the deck and your home?

Deck Collapse - Home Inspection Edmonton
Deck Collapse

Joist hangers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and stability of your deck, and improper connections can lead to devastating consequences.

This blog article will explore the importance of proper joist hangers, common defects, and how to ensure your deck is securely connected to your home. At Brookstone Inspection Services Ltd., we understand the significance of a thorough home inspection, including deck inspections. Don't wait until it's too late; book your Edmonton Home Inspection today by visiting Brookstone Inspection Services Ltd or calling us at 587-333-5530.

What are Joist Hangers?

Edmonton Home Inspection - Joist Hangers used in Deck Installation
Joist Hangers used in Deck Installation

Joist hangers are metal connectors used to attach deck joists to the ledger board, which is the board attached to the side of your home. They provide a secure connection, transferring the weight of the deck to the house. Properly installed joist hangers are essential to prevent deck collapse and ensure the safety of those using the deck. It is common to find many deck joists missing joist hangers.

Common Defects in Joist Hangers

- Improper installation: Joist hangers installed upside down, backwards, or with missing nails or screws can lead to a weakened connection.

- Corrosion: Rust or corrosion on the hangers or nails can reduce their strength and stability.

- Inadequate spacing: Joist hangers installed too far apart can put excessive stress on the connection.

- Overloading: Exceeding the weight capacity of the joist hangers can lead to failure.

Proper Joist Hanger Connections

- Joist hangers should be installed with the seat (the flat part) facing the ledger board.

- Nails or screws should be used as specified by the manufacturer.

- Joist hangers should be spaced according to the manufacturer's instructions.

- The weight capacity of the joist hangers should not be exceeded.

How to Ensure Proper Deck Connections

- Hire a professional to build or inspect your deck.

- Use high-quality joist hangers and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

- Regularly inspect your deck for signs of damage or wear.

Don't compromise the safety and stability of your deck. Ensure proper joist hangers are installed, and regularly inspect your deck for defects. At Brookstone Inspection Services Ltd., we offer comprehensive home inspections, including deck inspections. Book your inspection today by visiting our website or calling 587-333-5530. Take the first step in protecting your home and loved ones.

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